Quality: What Do You Want People to Think of You?

Hi, I’m Bob, but you can call me Lazy.

Hi, I'm Bob, but my friends call me "Cool Guy".

As I think through issues of business tools, the first thing that comes to mind is quality (the second thing is price). In this short article I’d like to focus attention of a couple of the issues involved in the quality of your business materials.

Take business cards in the first instance. Business cards are something that every professional needs. Some people think of them as merely a necessary evil. They have to have them, so they find the “cheapest” way to have them. When they meet a potential business contact, they reach into the depths of their wallet or purse and, with evident effort, find and extract an item (often with perforated edges!) that is about as attractive as toilet paper stuck to one’s shoe. They then offer this ugly beast to their contact, who will now associate them with the ugly, dog-eared, cheap, flimsy card.

Whether you think so or not, your business tools leave a lasting impression. This is especially the case when a person looks at your card trying to remember who you are. If you have a ridiculous, poorly-designed, limp business card, your name will be associated with all of those things. If, on the other hand, you have a good-feeling, well-designed, solid card, your name will be mentally associated with that superior list of attributes. Which association would you rather have?

Printed business tools (especially business cards) are like little foot soldiers. They float around and make inroads when you (their commander-in-chief) are not even around. These tools are also like time bombs; you set them, but cannot tell when they’ll go off.

Since these business tools are both necessary and important, doesn’t it make good sense to have quality tools? Why would you waste your time on “free” offers that end up providing you with sub-standard tools? I suggest that you think though different ways that you can use your business tools, or better, how you can get them to work for you. Let Revelation Printing & Marketing design and print tools that will be powerful and effective for you and your business.

In our next post, I’ll examine the issue of price for value. With Revelation, you won’t pay much more for quality tools that for the “free” ones that you see advertised.